Shoulder resurfacing is a less invasive alternative to a total shoulder replacement for patients who may have arthritis affecting only one portion of the joint. Shoulder resurfacing is a type of shoulder arthroplasty that involves placing an implant cap on top of the surface of the humerus bone, creating a smooth, covered surface without the need to remove the head of the bone. More of the patient’s bone is preserved with this procedure, and patients can benefit from a quicker recovery.


Shoulder resurfacing is typically performed under general anesthesia and patients may require a short hospital stay. In certain cases, the patient may be able to go home the same day. The arm will be immobilized in a sling for up to six weeks. However, simple activities such as showering, eating, writing, and typing should be possible. Some pain, discomfort, and limited mobility should be expected for a few weeks after surgery. Patients can expect to experience improved mobility and maneuverability in the shoulder a few months after the procedure.

Participation in physical therapy is important to help strengthen and restore the shoulder’s mobility. Dr. Goldberg’s practice recommends a rehab protocol that encourages patients to perform specific exercises the first day after surgery and start physical therapy within a week of their operation. Implementing a rehab protocol, enables patients to return more quickly to their daily activities.

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