I went to Dr. Goldberg for a frozen shoulder. After a year of conservative treatment he determined that I needed surgery. I’m still in a little bit of pain (only 2 weeks post-op), but the difference my range of motion is PROFOUND. I can’t thank Dr. Goldberg and his staff enough.

– Verified Patient


I highly recommend Dr. Goldberg. He is very caring, compassionate & takes the time to listen to you. His office staff & assistants are really very pleasant, helpful & knowledgeable. He is a great Doctor!

– Verified Patient


I had my rotator cuff surgery one year ago. I am super pleased with my outcome. Dr Goldberg and his staff were excellent.

– M.M.


I witnessed the level of care, concern, compassion and expertise that Dr. Goldberg showed both of my parents in tending to their respective rotator cuff tears. They would travel from Cape Coral all the way to Naples because of Dr. Goldberg displaying the qualities mentioned above. Fast forward to years later, my husband and I developed issues with our shoulders and we could not picture any other doctor to care for our problems other than Dr. Goldberg himself. 100% Satisfied! 🙂

– Verified Patient


After being injured overseas after much pain I was operated on by Dr. Goldberg and the results were excellent. Within a few months my pain diminished and within 6 months I regained complete range of motion. Dr. Goldberg is the best.

– L.S.


I had heard of hip and knee replacements, in fact, I have one of each, but I did not know a shoulder joint can also be replaced. At the age of 70+ my right shoulder became so painful I was unable to fasten my car seatbelt without help. I could barely lift a fork to eat. After unsuccessful arthroscopic surgery and painful rehab, I decided I had to find a shoulder specialist. After much on-line research, I found Dr. Goldberg and he honestly saved the quality of the rest of my life. Thank you Dr.G.

– P.M.


Back in January of this year (2013), I fractured my shoulder in a boating accident. I was so impressed with the professionalism of you and your entire staff. After several month of physical therapy, I have recovered much of my mobility and have gotten back to playing racquetball. Thank you for turning a not so good situation into one with positive results.

– D.M.


Thank you so much for the successful repair of my rotator cuff and the follow-up care by you and Donna, my therapist. I appreciate the professionalism I was shown by you and all who were involved in my surgery and recovery. I will continue my therapy at home, as you recommended, and look forward to seeing you when I return next season.

– R.M.


Today is the 9 month anniversary of my full shoulder replacement. I could not be more pleased with the outcome. Yesterday, I won the USTA Allen Tennis Center Tournament here in Naples. My shoulder has not just recuperated from the operation but already manifests more strength, flexibility, and endurance. This was all taking place with the total absence of pain or even any awareness that you had performed such major reconstruction on the shoulder. It has really been quite remarkable.

– A.J.


I would like to take this opportunity and express my gratitude to Dr. Goldberg for giving me a NEW life, and this is the reason why! I am 85 years young. I had an arthroscopic surgery and he created a miracle on me. I am now in full recovery, and I play tennis three times a week, go to the gym to work out three times a week, and swim everyday. Thank you Dr. Goldberg for giving me the opportunity to keep doing what I like doing the most.

– H.M.


Just wanted to take a few minutes to compliment you and your staff on the marvelous result of my recent surgery. The fact that I delayed the surgery due to unwarranted fears…when after the surgery my shoulder hurts less that prior to surgery. I also want to compliment your staff, your nurse Diane, your office manager Denise, and your wonderful Physician Assistant Scott… I never imagined feeling as good as I do after surgery.

– M.B.


You have successfully completed two shoulder replacement surgeries on one patient who is forever grateful for the relief of pain as well as for the additional ease of movement in both arms. It is to your credit that I am now able to sleep nights without the constant discomfort that I previously experienced. You went beyond the call of duty in every area and took time to explain the procedures. You have a great future ahead of you. My wife and I can not thank you enough for giving us a new lease on an active retirement.

– W.F.


I would like to acknowledge Dr. Steven Goldberg and his staff for the wonderful care I received. After visiting other physicians, not one would “tackle” the surgery. I made an appointment with Dr. Goldberg, and from that moment I was impressed with his knowledge and his willingness to help me. Your facility should be proud to have these wonderful, professional people on your staff. Thank you.

– M.K.


It’s great to be able to walk “pain free.” People are amazed at how quickly I progressed and asked who my surgeon was. Quite a few asked for your name and number. Again, thank you and your team of professionals.

– A.S.


I had a full shoulder replacement and less then a year later, I won my Golf Club Championship. Life is good! Thanks again for a wonderful job, giving me painless and full use of my shoulder that includes a better range of motion from what I have had in a number of years.

– G.I.


Thank you for taking such fine care of my husband. We truly appreciate your kindness, precision and you made the ordeal seem much calmer than it really was. Today, reality set in when the x-rays showing how he is healing revealed the depth! Thanks so much!

– M.M.


Thank you for your excellent help! You have been wonderful not only in your treatment but in a way you treated my friends and family along the journey to recovery. Your support and wisdom has been priceless Dr. Steve. I severely broke my ankle on both sides. Uncertainty set in and I wondered if my ankle would ever be the same again. Thanks to the professional care of you and your staff, I am walking normally and have regained full use of my ankle. Not only were you great Dr. Steve, but your staff was terrific as well. The broken ankle has stalled my plans for a marathon but thanks to your expert repair and continued therapy I am looking forward to running a marathon soon. Thanks for everything!

– J.M.


I am pain free!! I’ve spent the last two and half years with diffuse, at times debilitating, pain in my left shoulder. I am writing this letter to you to thank you for digging deeper and showing a willingness to look beyond the normal diagnoses. Previously, I had several different doctors diagnose the pain as a rotator cuff problem, trapezius strain and even a cervical disc herniation. At one point two years ago, I was told that I should consider a spinal fusion of the cervical discs. Your intuitive diagnosis of suprascapular nerve entrapment proved to be right on the mark. Your subsequent surgical technique to release the nerve has been wonderfully successful. I am now 9 weeks post-op and other than a bit of post-op tenderness, the deep, diffuse pain I suffered with for two and half years is gone. Dr. Goldberg, I am forever grateful to you.

– T.M.


When I first came to you, I had serious doubts about your being able to correct my shoulder. I must admit that I had considerable pain and very little use of my left arm.

When I awoke from the operation, I still had doubts. But as the anesthesia began to wear off, much to my delight, the pain was gone and the motion greatly improved.

After approximately eight weeks of physical therapy, I find that I have no pain and great mobility of my shoulder and arm. To me this is some kind of miracle.

Thank you for improving my life, as now I will be able to totally enjoy our pool and be able to ballroom dance again with my lovely and supporting wife.

– E.F.


Thank you so much for the wonderful surgery on my shoulder. I must admit I was a little concerned because I’m new in the area and by myself to make such a big decision on my own. You are a great doctor and surgeon and I’m so happy you’re my doctor.

– C.F.


I am writing this letter as a HUGE “Thank you” note to you!! It is with great appreciation which I convey my thoughts of gratitude to you and your skills as a surgeon.

I have gone through several months of physical therapy and can say I have no regrets, almost complete range of motion and limited pain. Your mannerism during and after this surgery has been wonderful, kind, compassionate, understanding and warm. I will recommend you to everyone who needs a “Great Surgeon”. Thank you Dr. Goldberg!!!

– L.S.


I live in MN where we have excellent physicians, but when I perceived a possible similar problem with my left arm, I decided to wait until I was back in Florida to deal with it because I wanted to again see Dr. Goldberg. Not only is he an exceedingly competent orthopedic surgeon, he listens and does not rush one during an appointment. He also is very kind. His nurse Diane also displays this quality. And as a former Public Relations Director of a hospital in MN, I know how important it is that good people also know how much their efforts are valued. So I would appreciate it if you would let the people in both the Hospital and the Clinic know how much I appreciated their expertise and their kindness.

– J.B.


Sincerely I want to thank you for the quick manner you accepted me as a patient and preformed arthroscopic surgery on my right knee. I can never thank you enough for the work you did to repair my knee. I am continuing with physical therapy and on my way to a full recovery. If any of your patients ever need to talk to me before their surgery they are welcome to call my home phone number which is on file and I will give you the highest recommendation possible.

– L.K.


A brief, but sincere appreciation of your professional skills as a surgeon, However, equally important was your concern over my shoulder problem. Knowing someone cares about you is very significant. Thanks to you and your associates, and the Hospital staff of people, all of the above, was received by me.

– H.B.


You certainly made my recovery much easier than I expected. When I fell and broke my right radial head, I thought that I would have pain for a long time. I am absolutely amazed with the tiny scar and the x-rays reflect your skill at replacing the broken bone with a prosthetic device.You scheduled me for therapy with one of your outstanding colleagues and she has been diligent with my treatments. My arm now has full range of motion and I will soon be back on the tennis court. Thank you so much for your kind, patient, and highly professional care.

– H.S.


I recently had to use your facility due to an accident (I tore my bicep tendon) and had to be operated on. As an individual who comes from the Boston area, where there are great hospitals, I cannot say enough about your whole facility. Everyone I came in contact with went out of their way to be accommodating and helpful. I cannot say enough about my physician, Dr. Steven Goldberg and his staff, and my physical therapist, Ryan Senkarik. I give them high standards on their professionalism, personality and knowledge. Thank you.

– V.S.


I want to express my appreciation for the great surgical procedure you performed on my right shoulder rotator cuff. Even with cortisone injections I was in continuous pain (my golf handicap went up seven strokes in six weeks so I quit). The operation and recovery was easy and the therapy was professional and constructive.

In the past three years I have had heart catheterization, partial knee replacement, skin cancer surgery, and now rotator cuff repair. As of July, I resume my golf career at 87 years of age.

– R.C.


Dear Dr Goldberg, I am singing the praises of my new, young orthopedic doctor. Any future problems which I may have, you can count on my calling on you. Thanks.

– S.B.


I just wanted to thank you for taking me under your wing. I feel so much better being under your care. You’re such a wonderful doctor. Thanks again.

– D.F.


I knew the moment I met you before the surgery that God had brought the right doctor. I never, for one second, have been nervous or concerned through this whole process. You’ve brought us great comfort in just knowing you are the best at what you do! Thanks you!

– J.C.


I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful work you did on my left rotator cuff. Your expertise and caring way is much appreciated. I certainly will recommend you to my family and friends. Thanks again for everything.

– C.A.


Couldn’t let your “magic touch” go without a very special heartfelt thanks. Knees worked perfectly and I could not ask for more. My wife and I ran the Rock n’ Roll San Antonio Marathon and a Half along with 30,000 other runners. Definitely a wild experience and no matter how many you do, it’s still a thrill!

– S.B.


My wife approached the appointment with trepidation because having never met you; she anticipated emotionally detached, assembly line medicine. Within the first five minutes your professional and caring demeanor alleviated our concerns. Ample time was spent explaining the diagnosis to us and presenting treatment alternatives. In addition to a caring demeanor, we quickly discovered your well-known reputation for technical proficiency. During the registration procedure, many administrative staff and nurse commented, “You are lucky to have Dr. Goldberg” and “Dr. Goldberg will take good care of you.” We found their observations to be correct. Surgery went very well and you were as detailed in your explanation of the results as you had been in the diagnosis. We are grateful.

– L.H.


This is an effort to show you my appreciation for the “miracle” you performed on my shoulder. When I visited another surgeon, I was told that “I should learn to live with it!” So you see, to me, the fact that you not only gave me hope but also operated on my shoulder and completely restored it, is sort of miraculous. Today, I am again a very happy person, because I can do everything I used to do before. I can move my arm every which way, and have no pain whatsoever. I also would like to mention that your staff is the greatest! All I have left to say I THANK YOU DR. GOLDBERG for all you did for me and all you do for others who seek your help.

– B.H.