What is an Elbow Arthroscopy?

Arthroscopic treatment is a minimally invasive surgical procedure used to assess, diagnose, and treat conditions of the elbow anatomy. The procedure involves creating small incisions in order to insert a small camera, called an arthroscope, into the patient’s elbow joint. The camera transmits high-resolution images that orthopedic surgeons use to complete a nerve examination and to access, scope, and repair any visible damage to soft tissues surrounding the bones.. We recommend elbow arthroscopy to treat a variety of elbow conditions such as arthritis, tennis elbow, and stiffness when traditional non-surgical methods have failed to help the elbow joint.

Dr. Goldberg is calming and professional.

My shoulder replacement is fantastic. Played tennis after 10 weeks. Dr. Goldberg is calming and professional. – C.D.

I would have no hesitancy suggesting him to anyone with similar problems.

My experience with Dr. Goldberg has been wonderful. I felt totally informed of my problem and what would correct it. He did a great job on my shoulder replacement/reversal and today it feels excellent. The follow up with Dr. Goldberg and his staff has also been wonderful. I would have no hesitancy suggesting him to anyone with similar problems. – L.C.

Whole staff took top notch care of me!

GREAT DOCTOR!!!! Whole staff took top notch care of me! Would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Goldberg and his staff!!!! – G.D.


A healthy elbow will deteriorate over time as the upper arm bone and ulna bones cause stress on the joint– shoulder and knee joints are especially susceptible to deterioration. Those who overuse their elbow regularly are at a slightly higher risk for ulnar nerve damage.

Elbow Arthroscopic Surgery Recovery

While arthroscopic surgery provides many benefits over traditional elbow joint surgery, not every condition is treatable with this approach.

Compared to open surgery, elbow arthroscopy requires much less recovery time, meaning you can get back to your normal routine much quicker.

After Arthroscopy: How Do I Sleep Safely?

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After Arthroscopy: How Do I Sleep Safely?

Shoulder problems are among the most frustrating experiences because they cause pain and can severely limit motion. Everyday activities heavily depend on joint motion. Having a limitation caused by injuries, inflammations, or wear and tear negatively impacts the ability to perform the simplest tasks. Arthroscopy is a type of surgery that examines and repairs tissues in joint areas like the…


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Elbow arthroscopic surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia and in an outpatient setting. Patients can return home the same day. After the procedure, the elbow joint is placed in a splint to decrease pain and enable the use of the hand. Some discomfort, pain, and limited mobility should be expected several weeks after surgery. Recovery after surgery often depends on the size and severity of the injury and the patient’s overall health. Participation in physical therapy is used to help strengthen and restore the elbow’s mobility and range of motion.

Dr. Goldberg can help assess and determine the best treatment options for you, and if you may be a candidate for elbow joint arthroscopy. Schedule your appointment today with one of the most experienced elbow surgeons in the Southwest Florida area!

Will I have to go to Physical Therapy after surgery and is a prescription required?

Yes, to increase range of motion and strength. It is an important part of the recovery process and frequently helps to reduce pain also. We can recommend several PT providers in the area that are close to where you live or work. Yes a prescription is required and will be given to you post-surgery.

Do you recommend steroid injections?

Depending on the condition of the injury and the evaluation by the doctor, but in many cases we do.

How do I know when I need to see a doctor about my pain?

If the pain you are experiencing persists and effects your daily living or hobbies it may be time to see a doctor.

Do I need an MRI for my doctors appointment?

Depending on the type of pain or condition that you have sometimes an MRI is ordered by us or your primary care physician. We do not require one for the first visit. It is best to have a physician evaluation first to determine if an MRI is needed. In many cases an X ray is adequate for the first visit.

What can I anticipate after elbow surgery?

Patients can expect to be in a sling but still able to function and perform activities of daily living. Patients usually can drive a few days after surgery depending if they are still on pain meds.

Why do I need xrays at the doctor appointment?

An x ray is the first step in visually evaluating the bone. Many conditions can be diagnosed with just an x ray and often no further studies are required.

How long does it take to recover from elbow surgery?

Depending on the type of surgery performed most recover in four to six weeks and return to simple activities such as writing, use of phone, keyboards, etc. after a few days. Patients are usually back to their sports hobbies by six to twelve weeks depending on the procedure.

How do I know I need surgery?

It is best determined on a discussion between the surgeon and the patient based on the doctors evaluation.