Our knees are one part of the body that are put under strain regularly throughout the day. Not only are our knees responsible for providing stability, they must also bear the weight of our entire body. Because of the large role our knees play in our lives, we may experience pain at least once.

The knee is made up of bones, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. The knee is a multifaceted joint and there are many opportunities for injury to occur. Injuries can cause knee pain, including sprained ligaments, ligament tears, meniscus tears, knee bursitis, runner’s knee, tendonitis, fractures, and more. The most common knee injuries include:

Fractures- The patella is the most common bone around the knee to suffer a fracture. Significant trauma often causes these fractures, such as falling from a substantial height or a strong collision.

Dislocations- When the bones of the knee are completely or partially out of place, it is called a dislocation. Sports-related contact often causes dislocations, as does an abnormality in the structure of the knee.

Ligament Injuries- It is common for soccer, football, and basketball athletes to injure their knee ligaments. Rapidly changing direction or roughly landing from a jump can tear the ACL. Also, a blow to the front of the knee while it is bent can tear the posterior cruciate ligament, while collateral ligament tears can occur when the knee is pushed sideways.

Athletes commonly experience knee pain or injuries.  Common signs that you have suffered an injury to the knee include pain and swelling. Your knee may also “lock up”, or feel as if it is going to “give out”. Thankfully, there are many treatments available to correct these injuries. Nonsurgical treatments include wearing a knee brace, physical therapy, and medication. Surgical treatments, such as ACL surgery, can be completed to heal a torn ligament, and address other knee injuries.

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