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The shoulder joint has one of the widest ranges of motion in the body. Because it has so much mobility, it is also prone to injury.

When the shoulder joint is injured, a variety of problems can be at fault. As a minimally invasive approach, shoulder arthroscopy treats shoulder injuries with minimal damaging tissue in the surrounding area. Shoulder arthroscopy is also used after physical exams to diagnose injuries.The arthroscopic technique, relying on a small fiber-optic device, allows a more visual perspective on shoulder damage. Once the shoulder area is scoped out, small instruments can repair shoulder tears and pains.

To watch a demonstration, please check out our Orthopedic Animations.

Treatable Arthroscopic Shoulder Injuries

In Naples, Florida Arthroscopic surgery is used for a variety of shoulder repairs to pained and damaged shoulders. Patients experiencing the following conditions can elect an arthroscopic technique:

  • Tears of the rotator cuff
  • Labral tears, or tears in the shoulder joints
  • Impingement problems, or glenohumeral joint injuries
  • Bicep tendonitis
  • AC Joint Arthritis

Not every condition can be treated arthroscopically. Dr. Goldberg, as an experienced Orthopedic surgeon, can help you determine if your injury can be treated with an arthroscopic approach. Dr. Goldberg performs procedures for patients near  Naples, Bonita Springs, and Estero.

Arthroscopic Surgery Recovery

As opposed to a traditional open surgery, an arthroscopic surgery often has a faster recovery, patients can more quickly return to previous levels of activity. The incisions used to insert the fiber-optic device are small. The amount of tissue affected, then, is less. The pain experienced during recovery can also be more manageable for some patients.