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As one of the largest joints in the body, the knee is made up of many ligaments, bones, and supportive cartilage. While the ligaments allow for bone and muscle movement, cartilage helps cushion that movement. Each part of the joint works together when an individual runs, walks, or jumps.


Many factors can damage the knee joint and cause chronic injury. Age can cause wear and tear on the bone. Old injuries may create problems. Illness and arthritis can also wear away at the joint and cartilage. Many patients in Naples, FL may experience persistent knee joint problems.


Knee injuries can include a variety of symptoms. Symptoms usually vary depending on each individual injury. Nevertheless, patients can experience the following with arthritis, injury and age:

  • Pain around the knee joint
  • Joint stiffness
  • Limited mobility and movement of the knee
  • Swelling around the joint

If individuals notice chronic symptoms, they may turn to Dr. Goldberg for knee treatment.


When these symptoms persist, individuals can try a few different treatments. However, if cortisone shots and medication have not effectively relieved symptoms, knee replacement surgery may be necessary.  Knee replacement surgery in Naples  can take up to three hours. Total knee replacement can include resurfacing bone, positioning metal or plastic implants, or inserting a spacer.


Relief after surgery is usually immediate, as well as long lasting. Physical therapy is used to improve the mobility and maneuverability of the knee further, giving you a larger range of motion. The results of knee surgery? A more flexible, painless joint that will last twenty years after your replacement procedure. Contact Dr. Goldberg for more information about knee replacement surgery in Naples.