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The knee contains many  ligaments and bones. When the knee moves, these bones work within the joint, cushioned by layers of cartilage. The fluid movement of the joint allows individuals to bend, squat, or climb.


With age and illness, the knee joint can become damaged. Arthritis can wear on bone and cartilage.Old and new injuries can inhibit movement.


Knee injuries and pain stem from a variety of sources. The pain can depend on each individual injury or illness. Usually, arthritis is the culprit to most problems; patients may notice the following symptoms:

  • Pain around the knee joint
  • Joint stiffness
  • Limited mobility and movement of the knee
  • Swelling around the joint

If individuals notice chronic symptoms, they may turn to Dr. Goldberg for orthopedic options. Dr. Goldberg serves patients in Naples and the surrounding areas; he can offer partial, as well as full, knee replacement. Patients near the Bonita Springs, Estero and Marco Island areas can choose Dr. Goldberg for orthopedic surgery.


A  partial replacement procedure, as opposed to a total replacement, offers relief without a longer recovery time. With total replacements, you can treat larger areas of knee damage, a partial replacement treats only the damaged area of the joint.  If your knee still has healthy, undamaged cartilage, you can opt for a partial replacement. If you have little to no salvageable tissue, a total replacement will be more suitable.


Some results may be noticed immediately; patients experience joint pain relief. Over the next few months, your knee will become more flexible and have a larger range of motion. After you have completed a  physical therapy regimen, you can expect to resume normal activity. Although a partial replacement provides long lasting relief, you may need total replacement eventually.